child custody lawyers in lee county Florida

When it comes to family law, nothing is more important than protecting the welfare and rights of your child. At Leah Meshelle Snyder PA, we are dedicated to providing exceptional legal guidance and support to families going through child custody disputes. With years of specialized experience, we understand the complexities of child custody laws in Florida and are committed to helping you navigate this challenging journey.

child custody lawyers in lee county Florida

Understanding Child Custody in Lee County, Florida:

When looking for child custody lawyers in Lee County, Florida, it's important to understand child custody in Florida.  

In Florida, the term "child custody" is no longer used, and instead, parents file for a "parenting plan" and "time-sharing schedule". This initiates the legal process to determine parental responsibility and the child's living arrangements.  

The required forms to file for a parenting plan in Lee County include a cover sheet, a Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act Affidavit, and a Child Support Guidelines Worksheet. Additional forms may be needed depending on the specific circumstances, such as if the
parents are divorcing, separated but not divorcing, or were never married.  

What is the difference between sole custody and joint custody?

Sole custody and joint custody are two types of child custody arrangements. The main difference between them lies in the decision-making and living arrangements for the child.

Sole custody

- One parent has both legal and physical custody of the child, or they have one or the other.  

- The parent with sole custody makes major decisions about the child’s upbringing, such as education, healthcare, and religion.  

- The non-custodial parent may have visitation rights, but they do not have decision-making authority.  

Joint custody

- Both parents share legal and/or physical custody of the child.

- Legal custody is shared, allowing both parents to decide about the child’s upbringing.

- Physical custody can be shared in various ways, such as the child spending equal time with both parents or spending more time with one parent and having regular visits with the other.

child custody lawyers in lee county Florida

Can child custody agreements be modified?

Yes, child custody agreements can be modified. The process may be less complex if both parents mutually agree to change the current child custody agreement.

Common reasons for modifying custody include:

- A parent's change in circumstances that affects their ability to care for the child (e.g. illness, disability, substance abuse, domestic violence)  

- A change in the child's needs or preferences as they grow older  

- One parent violating the existing custody/visitation schedule  

- The parents agreed to a modification    

child custody lawyers in lee county Florida

Your Child's Future in Safe Hands: Why Leah Meshelle Snyder PA is Your Best Choice for Custody Cases

Choosing the right child custody lawyers in lee county, Florida, is crucial for your child's well-being and future. Leah Meshelle Snyder, PA, is a premier choice in child custody cases, offering extensive expertise and a deep commitment to achieving the best outcomes for your family. Put Your Child First Today!

child custody lawyers in lee county Florida
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